Saturday, 30 June 2012

Nick Clegg and David Cameron news story

Oh my god did you hear this news story about Nick Clegg and David Cameron?

One day Nick Clegg was sitting in the bath washing himself and he heard someone knocking on the door and then he said come in and then the person opened the door and it was his friend David Cameron completely naked. Nick Clegg smiled at David Cameron then other things happened which I can't say on here beause this website is rated U. Nick Clegg then woke up in the bath and actually found out that he was holding this battered sausage that he was in the middle of eating but didn't actually manage to finished because he drifted off to sleep.

He started crying a bit then there was another knock on the door, he said open up again and it was David Cameron and again he was completely naked, David Cameron was grinning from ear to ear then he said to Nick Clegg "I want you to do things to me baby" but Nick Clegg refused because he said that he had a wife, children, and was brought up with better morals than that.

He then woke up again and realised that he was still actually in the bath and nothing like that was happening. There was another knock on the door and it was David Cameron again and this time it wasn't a dream. This time David Cameron was pissing himself laughing whist pointing at Nick Cameron and then David Cameron said "Haha I drugged you with sleeping pills" he also pointed at a hidden camera in the corner of the bathroom which Nick Clegg didn't even notice. David Cameron then told Nick Clegg that he and Nick Cleggs wife were watching him have his dreams in a secret room Nick Clegg got out of the bath and got dressed then he pointed at David Cameron and said "Well I don't give a dam I've got an interview with O.K magazine in like 10 minutes see ya"

Nick Clegg stormed off in a huff and went to his interview, whilst Nick Clegg was at the interview David Cameron said to Nick Clegg's wife "Hey wouldn't it be funny if we prank called Nick Clegg and told him that he had a package to collect in North Korea". Nick Clegg's wife agreed that it would be extremely funny and so they did it. At the interview Nick Clegg picked up the phone and then the prank called happened. Nick Clegged hung up the phone and was so overcome with emotion and rage that the O.K magazine person had to give him a bucket to collect his tears with. The O.K Magazine Person then kept the bucket so that she could sell bags of his tears to homeless children in africa at an extortionate price.

Nick Clegg then woke up again and realised that he was actually in the House Of Commons and everyone was looking at him with their mouth wide open cause he was talking the whole dream in complete detail. He ran out of the House Of Commons crying and nobody has seen him for days. I know that it is true because I watched BBC Politics today and I wanted to tell you the story because I need an exclusive to make my blog look good. So I hope you enjoyed this completely exclusive story and tune in next time where I will be talking about something.

On a serious note: Never trust a politician.

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