Saturday, 1 April 2017

The underground dance music scene is very nice right now ok?

Hi guys it's me again thought I would do another thing because i've had a couple of beers and my parents are out but they don't know i'm an alcoholic so please don't tell them thank you. at the moment i'm dead into underground dance music and i really like the djs i've listened to carl cox a couple of times and lots and lots of ben klock dj sets so i know everything there is to know about the scene and i can tell you exactly how to dj if you want to know then just send me a fax and I can tell you.

Ricardo Villalobos is an amazing guy he is from a chillean village and all the children love him. Whenever I think of chilly i think of poor starving children and then i think of good old ricardo getting shitfaced and feeding the food and the beer to all the starving kids and they all have a great time with each other. He called david guetta a cunt and punched him in a fight when they did a b2b set in fabric. they were all beating the shit out of each other and stuff then a bouncer got involved and stabbed david with a knife and then he respawned and then he died again but now he is still alive.

also there is a dj called carl cox who is good but he is not as good as fatboy slim. whenever I see him he always has this cheeky grin on his face like he has just done a massive line of coke and he's gonna lay down some really great tech house. all the ladies in their bikinis are dancing and that is a very imprtant thing to have women in dance music which is why the next person I talk about will be Heidi.

Heidi has frizzy blode hair and she waves it around like a mad man (or mad woman actually because she is a woman) she also beat carl cox up in a fight once and they were fighting each other and having a brawl and farting in each others faces.

Anyway there you go.

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