Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Rihanna is a shit and can't play music

Rihanna is a shit and can't play music and I know this is true because I was walking down the streets with her one day and I asked her can you play music and she said no so then I got Chris Brown to come along and punch her in the face.

In all seriousness Rihanna is an absolutely terrible musician who really isn't good at all, I saw her live on this T.V show and she was singing so badly that it didn't even look like she was singing, she stole everybody's belongings after the T.V show and got home and when she was at home she used them all and laughed at what she did. She is a fucking slut.

I hate her and you can't say you haven't met her so how can you say you hate her Haydn, because I met her at a festival and she told me to fuck off then one of her security guards came up to me and threatened to stab me in the chest. This is a true story.

Sorry this post is a short one because I really need a shit so goodbye.

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