Tuesday, 9 April 2013

How to avoid having an argument about Margaret Thatcher.

Hello guys I have been reading The Daily Mash and I thought it was really funny article that they said "How tot avoid talking about Margaret Thatcher" so I thought I would do my own version. My views are that I am happy that she is dead because everyone is smiling and my mum keeps on crying and stuff about it but they are tears of joy not sadness so I am happy that my mum is happy and if Maggie Twatcher's death makes everyone in Scotland happy and my mum happy then I am happy about her death also. Unfortunately (big long word) lots of people will not agree with my views and will call me a idiot so I've made up about 10 points on how I will avoicd getting into these arguments with people.

1. If somebody says "She saved this country" then I will get my phone, start at them directly in the eyes and do a Barack Obama face like this:

2. If somebody calls her "The Iron Lady" then I will divert the conversation to something that intrests me and I will go really crazy and mental about the topic until they get really engaged.

3. If somebody says "The Forklands war was her finest hour" then I will get a fork and throw it at them so it hits them or their friend in the face then they will be in alot of pain then they will hopefully forget about what they were talking about before the fork incident.

4. If somebody says "I will dance on her greave" then I will go to the bar at the pub and buy a pint and a packet of crisps.

5. If someone says "Think of her friends and family" then I will run my hand between my fingers and then get a drink.

So there you have it. Loads of people will be debating and trying to stick up for this women but if everything I heard about her is true then I think it is ok to be happy that she is dead. Sorry if this subject is a bit taboo but I don't give a shit.

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