Sunday, 29 December 2013

Politics Presents How to life your life

A lot of people come up for me on the streets and ask me what the hell do you do for a living Haydn. I always say to them that to them that I am a life coach and I also always say to them that I am the worlds most number 1 pick up artists.

If you wandring what pick up artists is then you have come to the right place. Pick up artists is not where you just pick up a girl from teh streets like a crane or something but it is where you go up to a girl and you tell them yourt best chat up line and they go all shy then they want to have your number but if they don't want to have your number within your first line of chat then you force them to have your number by the power of mind-rape a.k.a manuplulations.

Today I will be talking about how 10 tips on how to absolutely live your life and this is how you do it motherfuckers.

Tip number 1. Don't ever be yourself infront of a woman.

If you be yourself infront of a woman then this is the worst possible thing that you can do. The girl will think your are week and will hate you and will most likely want to kill you in your sleep or put some drugs in your coffee then whatch you die. Always act like the opposite of your personality, e.g I am a relaly nice guy and stuff but if I saw a tasty looking gink (gink is anotehr word for woman by the way, never call a  woman a woman because they are not womens init). I would behave like a complete DICKHEAD TO HER AND SHE WILL LOVE IT CAUSE SHE WILL THINK OH MY GOD THIS GUY IS BEING A CUNT HE DOENS'T GIVE A FUCK.

Tip number 2. Never just have a normal conversation with a WOMAN.

 Think you can jsut sit down and be normal with a woman? THINK AGAIN. If you are talking to a woman and immediately if you talk and you are nice to her then you are in THE FRIENDS ZONE. This is a zone where you don't not want to be in because it basically means that you can't have sex with them caus they are your friend. THEE IS NOT POINT IN BEIGN A FRIIEND TO A WOMAN. They are only good to look at and to have sex with them. I should know because i have had sex with about 2000 different women, and each time i did it it was definately really intimate and full of passion and trust.

I have run out of ideas because I can't be bothere d to think about this anymore but I can't even think that I've covered everything. Hope you  have enjoyed the read and it was an excellent time writing this.

Tune in next week when something will happen.

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