Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Haydn's Nice Poem

Hi guys here is a poem I write and this morning hope you like it.

I got up this morning and it was beautiful
I got some bacon and it tasted beautiful
I looked at the sun and it was bright as well as beautiful
I looked at my Crash Bandicoot CD and it was also beautiful
I looked at my bottle of Bulmers Pear and it was indeed beautiful
I curled one out in the toilet and that was beautuful
I yelled at the neighbours cat and it was beautiful
I went for a piss in the shower and that too was beautiful
I chundered in the back seat of my mothers car and that was beautiful
I took some Class A drugs and it ultimately ended in beauty
Then I realized I was a pretentious little shit and went back to bed.

by haydn davies

for the rest of my work go and see your doctor and take a shit on her door.

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