Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Having a proper gander at Propaganda

Basically it's been fucking ages since I've done a post on here (a whole day I think) and I think that I should fucking make a fucking post because I'm a nice guy and people want to hear loads of shit about my life even though they probably don't really give a dogs bacon. But anyway, here is another pleasant post by me Haydn Davies but this time it is not a post but it is, it's actually a review of a night out that me and my Pop Music Pal's and a few tag alongs went to and it is from start to finish so let's enjoy it while we can eh? I don't really know how to make it funny because to be perfectly blunt it was just an average amazing night out at a fucking great Indie club where I would go to again.

Basically I made the event a few weeks prior to the event actually happening and this was to attract loads more people but little did I know that only 6 people would come along with a few people who would join us later on at the club a bit later. So anyway we sat in Adams room and I suggested that we should play a drinking game as I usually do but everyone fucking ignored me and Adam had to go to work because he had to get work done, so anyway I had a booze in my hand and so I drank it then I went back to my bedroom and got another peice of booze to take on the club journey which successfully got confiscated. So we were sitting on the bus taking loads of wild photo's and we did and then we got off the bus and onto the tube and we were still taking loads of shit photos for no apparent reason, Jamie kept on making me do these poses and I really didn't know why and I was getting quite irritated to be frank. 

We got off the tune and then headed to Spoons where we sat and drank quite a bit, I suggested that we commence International rules which got me in a bit of a state to be honest, so we wandered out of the pub and went to the offy to get some more peices of booze, I got some booze aswell and I got mine confiscated again which really put me in a foul mood cause I had nothing to drink on the train. So I was sitting on the train slowly sobering up which was annoying then we decided to get off the train to go to the urinate, so we found this really dingy looking alley way and I'm surprised that I didn't get raped or anything (I made a rape joke on the internet sorry girls). 

So anyway we got off at Angel, and for fucking ages we were lost which was really irritating so we eventually found the club and the security was dickheads as usual and we set off and had a night out. I thought Vodka and Coke was 1 pounds 50 at this place but that turned out to be false advertising and I ended up paying 3 pounds 50 for one vodka and coke which pissed me off, but it was OK cause it still got me drunk. The rest of the night was spend getting wasted and in a state, then Sam decided to do some really outrageous dancing which I found hilarious and then I got an accidental free beer from Joe which I owe him. Then we had enough so we headed to McDonalds and got a taxi home.

As you can tell from above, it was pretty average night out getting wasted and having a good time, I did this really weird thing where I was passed out but I was standing up but I can't really remember it. All in all it was a very good night out and I liked the part where stuff happened. I got the club vibes again but can't go out because I have no money but when I do I will be sure to do a review about it on here because I know you all really give a shit. Check out my next post where I will be saying more stuff about something. Goodbye.

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