Thursday, 10 May 2012

How david Cameron Looks like a fish in a condom

David Cameron was born yesterday but he is also a very important leader in this country. I really don't like him though purely because he is a communist or whatever and he hates people and stuff. Why did he have to scrap the public innformation adds and shit. And why did he look like a fish in a condom. All of the people say that I am a really insensitive guy and shit but I just hate him because he is pure bollocks. He goes around telling loads of random people what to do and he chars loads of shit if your reading this. I know I chat loads of shit and I fucking know it but I fucking hate David Cameron for various different reasons as shown above. He wants to tell people his stupid propaganda about life and shit, he is a squirrel with an STD and his shit is shit. He just comes out with these random shit and it's not nice for people to hear cause they will probably believe it but if your don't believe it then it's called being cool and stuff. All coo l people don't believe in David Cameron but I think that is true. If you don't believe in David Cameron then read my next blog as I will be talking about religion.

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