Friday, 11 May 2012


You may wonder "Why the hell has Haydn got the weird Italy pictures as his background when this blog has no relation to traveling what so ever" Well I will tell you something now, I go traveling all the time. Yesterday I traveled from Horsham up to my Uni and it was a right laugh, I was sitting there on the train just listening to my Ipod and having a brilliant time, and today as well I traveled from my room to the kitchen and met a ginger guy called Tom and probably a gay person who I shall not name. Anyway I go traveling all the time and I have loads of stories to tell you which I wont tell because I'm that kind of guy, I traveled to South gate yesterday just because I wanted to go to the KFC and I got some chicken then almost had food poisoning again and luckily I didn't get food poisoning. Then I traveled from the KFC to ASDA to shop for some groceries but I had enough groceries to last me ages so I just brought some booze, then I traveled from ASDA back to halls where I stayed there. As I said before, Traveling is a part of my every day life, sometimes I travel short distances and sometimes I travel long distances and tonight I am traveling to Angel to go to this club or something. I love Traveling because it really excites me seeing new places but I guess you all wont understand because you don't go Traveling and I'm better than you cause I go Traveling. If you like Traveling then look out for my next post where I don't know what I'm going to be talking about yet. Goodbye.

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